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Max Aerial

Fly high on our AFL themed trampoline section playing various games and testing your spatial awareness, improve your balance and posture and getting fit while having fun. Bouncing or rebounding is great fun, and it’s also great exercise. In fact, ten minutes of jumping has been found to be about the same amount of exercise as thirty minutes of running making it one of the most efficient ways of increasing fitness.

Because Max Aerial trampolines absorb impact it reduces the risk of injuring muscle and fibers. It also helps greater results to be achieved by combining rebounding with other types of exercise such as strength training and weight lifting.

The Max Aerial zone

Max Grip Socks

Please note, for safety reasons, it is compulsory to wear AFL Max Grip Socks in the Max Aerial zone. Max Grip Socks can be purchased from the merchandise counter inside the venue, or online when purchasing your tickets.

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